Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine

Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine


Client Name:
Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine
Services Used:
Digital Advertising, Web and Mobile Development
Industry Type:
Food Service


Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine provides healthy, chef-prepared gourmet meals to suit a variety of diet needs and lifestyles. So, when they came to BKV in search of a new website, they had a number of important items on their menu. We were asked to create a site that would provide a better customer experience – one that would explain the multiple meal options, allow customers to build and purchase their meal plans online, and feature the expanding product base. All while improving Fresh 'n Fit’s back-end processing and delivery. The site required quick work, too, with just five months until their peak “New Years Resolution” season.


BKV didn’t just build Fresh 'n Fit a new site. We also refreshed their brand, and implemented clean design and concise messaging that put options and convenience to the forefront. Then, we built a customizable menu that allows consumers to select from different menu options per meal – for a total of 250 meal configurations.

Next came the purchasing process. BKV broke out the order flow into easy-to-follow steps, and integrated with to process payments quickly and easily.

Meanwhile, we built out a back-end system to manage orders from placement to shipping, and implemented a reporting system to manage Fresh 'n Fit’s finances and kitchen processes.


Since the launch of the new site, engagement increased significantly; average visit duration increased by 90%, while the bounce rate declined 12%. Best of all, BKV’s work helped increase conversion rate by 126% YOY. Now, that’s healthy.