Dell SecureWorks

Dell SecureWorks Dell SecureWorks Dell SecureWorks


Client Name:
Dell SecureWorks
Services Used:
Digital Advertising, Direct Response TV, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization
Industry Type:
Managed Security Service Provider


Dell SecureWorks came to BKV in search of a web-based video that would summarize their business for consumers in an succinct and engaging way. So, we tapped animation studio Commotion Engine to execute a 3-and-a-half-minute CGI video. Together, we worked to represent the Dell SecureWorks brand through script, storyboard, illustration, animation and sound design. The goals: To use organic search to beat traffic to the client’s previous YouTube efforts.


In the pre-production stages, the teams discussed studies that proved shorter videos minimize bounce rates and increase clicks. So, we elected to keep the video less than 4 minutes in length. Meanwhile, BKV’s SEO team provided detailed recommendations on ways to drive traffic to the video via organic search, including keyword research, video and on-page optimization, rich snippets and more.

Once the video was complete, we promoted it in a hero marquee on the Dell SecureWorks home page, as well as on their Incident Response Resource Center page and through various social media channels.

In an effort to have a rich snippet thumbnail of the video appearing in search engines, BKV advised Dell SecureWorks to test adding the video as “unlisted” on their YouTube channel. Based on the results of the test, BKV ultimately recommended that the client instead embed the video directly on the site. The rich snippet video thumbnail now shows in Google search for “Incident Response.” The thumbnail of the video in the SERP helps our listing stand out and garner more clicks.


The video SEO went live some five months after the launch of the Incident Report (IR) page. Here’s what our video and SEO recommendations achieved:

  • 34.29% increase in Google organic traffic to the Incident Report page after video SEO was implemented
  • 676% more on-site visits to the video, versus YouTube referrals to the video
  • Dell SecureWorks maintains a YouTube channel hosting several other Incident Response videos. Two of them are also embedded on a landing page that was promoted via press release and paid search. BKV’s on-site video consistently outperformed the average plays of the combined YouTube Incident Response videos MOM by up to 318% more plays.