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Direct Response TV, Digital Advertising, Web and Mobile Development
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Entertainment Magpie (DBA musicMagpie), Decluttr’s UK-based parent company, is a thriving multi-category re-commerce business, enabling British consumers to sell online their used DVDs, CDs, games, technology products, electronics and clothes. In late 2013, Entertainment Magpie created the Decluttr brand. A strategic venture in the lucrative US market, Decluttr was launching in a new market, with no brand equity, a modest “start-up” budget and aggressive ROI goals.

Decluttr also faced the challenge of explaining and expanding the re-commerce industry to a US market largely content with both their clutter and their pre-existing methods of disposing of it – all without falling into the same category as questionable “Cash4Gold”-style marketers.

The objective of the launch campaign was to drive highly trackable trade-ins of used media in good or very good condition via the new site and mobile apps. The requisite goal for the campaign was to drive a sizable number of transactions below a specific average cost per acquisition.


BKV created a 60-second DRTV spot profiling a series of fictional characters whose homes have been overwhelmed by their outrageous CD, DVD, and video game collections – with comic results. BKV tested two offer options: free digital music downloads, versus a straightforward invitation to visit the lander and find out the value of your used items. This spot served as the anchor of the campaign.

Responsive web landers harvested imagery from DRTV for instant recognition and brand awareness, and were versioned to mirror offer and spot positioning. The landers also used a clever “before” and “after” sequence; as you scroll the page, the crowded living room becomes free of clutter. Online display banners supported our awareness goals and drove sales. In addition, paid search initiatives were ramped up and modified to include retargeting and related DRTV content.

Tracking performance was a crucial aspect of the campaign and optimizing DRTV media quickly was essential to maximizing our budget. All media components and offers were tracked with unique URLs. BKV also utilized our proprietary process for tracking and evaluating web sales generated from specific TV spots, allowing us to react quickly to underperforming segments.


Decluttr gained considerable brand recognition and cross-channel synergy throughout the DRTV testing phases and rollout. Throughout the campaign, cost per trade decreased by 47% and improved week over week. From Phase 1 to Rollout, response rate increased by 13%. Throughout the life of the launch, total trades increased by 116%.