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Our Roots

A lot has changed since we began marketing for nonprofit organizations in 1981. Nonprofit marketing used to be about engaging prospective donors at the top of the funnel and pushing them along with targeted messages. The funnel is gone, folks. It has exploded into a dynamic array of different devices and communication streams. Donors can, and do, bounce in and out of their journey at various points. And that requires a different, more adaptable approach to marketing for nonprofits. We have to meet the donor where they are on their journey, with the right message, served at the right time, in the right channel and even on the right screen.

And as marketers, we’ve evolved, too. At BKV, we’ve learned how to turn data into insights, insights into action. Whether your efforts call for digital channels like social media, websites, mobile and eCRM, or workhorse traditional channels like DRTV and direct mail, BKV knows how to make each one work – bringing in donations and building your brand. We’re right-place-right-time kind of people. Because that’s what it means to be evolved. Like what you hear?

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Our Philosophy

We work hard to make your brand work harder. We carefully craft campaigns that support the complexities of our clients’ brands while generating extraordinary results.

We’ve built our success on a deep understanding of the discipline of direct marketing, and we’re constantly fighting for a better, stronger ROI. Because we think goals should be achieved and then eclipsed – all while building a more meaningful, more dynamic, hard-working brand that accurately reflects the values of your mission.

We not only work with nonprofits, we also support the important work they do. From office fundraising events, to social advocacy and volunteering, our commitment to our community is a fundamental part of BKV’s culture and character. Sure, the agency makes donations. But it’s the passion of our staff that really energizes and adds meaning to our on-the-ground efforts. Because, the way we see it? It’s not enough just to talk the talk.

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What We Do

In our more than thirty years experience with marketing for nonprofits, BKV has done it all – and made it work. From donor acquisition to cultivation, sponsorship to planned giving, we’re ready to put the right service and the right strategy to work for your mission.

Our nonprofit marketing program experience include, but are not limited to:

  • Donor acquisition
  • Event participant acquisition
  • Renewal
  • Acknowledgements – all gift levels
  • Membership
  • Special appeals
  • Newsletters
  • Sponsorship
  • Retention/CRM
  • Lapsed prevention and recapture
  • High dollar gift proposals
  • Planned giving
  • Mid-level donor programs
  • Second gift conversion programs
  • Premium mailings
  • Mini giving catalogs
  • Monthly giving/sustainer programs
  • Social advocacy
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Nonprofit Work

The best part of having both for-profit and nonprofit clients is that we have become leaders in all areas – from digital to traditional – for some of America’s most beloved organizations. Our wealth of experience has given us the know-how when it comes to all things data and analytics.

What does that mean for you? Well, when it makes sense, we can effectively implement those same techniques for our nonprofit clients. All at a very budget-friendly rate.

Need more convincing? Click a case study to see the results our work has generated, and how we've helped as a nonprofit agency.

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