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Service Overview

Web and Mobile Development

We’ve all seen enough unfortunate sites to know: Web development is a responsibility. And at BKV, it’s one we’re proud to take on. We understand it takes expertise to create a user experience that’s positive and valuable—one that takes personas and heuristics into account, and tailors the experience accordingly. To engage best practices for usability and web design. To deploy impeccable branding. To make conversions happen. To analyze. Optimize. Then analyze again. And to keep users coming back, time after time.

But, when you have a medium that goes wherever your customers do, it’s up to you to adapt that experience from the “big screen.” At BKV, we believe mobile marketing is a natural outgrowth of direct response, because it’s all about driving customers to engage – whether it’s a straightforward QR code, or an elaborate enhanced web experience. So, pick up your mobile now, and let’s talk about how BKV can put web and mobile development to work for you. (Unless you’re driving. In which case, we’ll wait.)

Our website and mobile services include:

  • Responsive design
  • eCommerce
  • Static site generation
  • API integrations
  • Database administration
  • Content management systems