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Service Overview

Search Engine Marketing

By Any Other Name

Paid search, PPC, search marketing, SEM … Whatever you choose to call it, BKV has a mission: To get you found. And that means delivering exactly the right message at exactly the right time.

As media continues to fragment across mobile and social channels, it’s more important than ever to connect consumers with precisely what they’re looking for. That means understanding consumer intent, and being vigilantly, relentlessly present.

At BKV, our search engine marketing teams manage millions of keywords every day across all major search engines. Paid search keyword campaign management and optimization are at the heart of our agency’s SEM services. But you can also count on BKV’s creative and SEO teams for landing page quality score and conversion optimization.

SEM Consulting and Paid Search Optimization

BKV’s Scientific Search Attribution Model allows us to turn insights into actions for clients like AT&T and countless others. Attribution modeling unearths keywords’ effectiveness. BKV’s proprietary “full click” (versus “last click”) cost-per-order metric, derived from the statistical model, serves as an actionable recommendation for paid search optimization. This second layer of insight supercharges our efficiency, so we can make the smartest choices for our clients’ campaigns, as quickly as possible. Learn more about how we make advanced data and analytics work for media optimization.

Our search engine marketing services include:

  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) keyword campaign management
  • SEM audit
  • Paid search reporting, analysis and consulting