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Direct Response TV

On the Air

If you’ve turned on TV in the last 33 years, chances are you’ve come across one of BKV’s direct response television spots. And there’s an even better chance it made you call or click, too. Our approach is simple but powerful: Count on time-honored direct marketing tactics, all while maintaining the integrity of your brand.

Our DRTV campaigns are inspired by hard-hitting, award-winning creative. Supported by a comprehensive direct response TV or radio media plan. And powered by decades of experience. We apply those same techniques and tactics to radio and digital content, too.

BKV knows how to capitalize on highly analytical media buys that, in turn, let us project which spots will pay out – down to individual airings, dayparts, affiliates and stations. We know what messages to send, what channels to utilize and what creative strategy will move audiences to act. Best of all, we know how to track the effectiveness of our clients’ investment – and optimize it over time. The result? A spot that’s a phone-ringing, click-grabbing, results-building winner.

Our broadcast creative and media services include:

  • Creative strategy, direction and development
  • Script-to-screen creative
  • Short-form and long-form DRTV spots
  • Offer versioning and testing
  • Integrated campaigns
  • Reporting and optimization
  • Radio creative and media
  • Video production and content creation