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Direct Mail

Pushing the Envelope

In an industry that’s always changing, there’s one thing that has stayed refreshingly consistent: Direct mail advertising works.

What keeps direct mail marketing bringing in calls and clicks year after year? A truly enticing offer. An impeccable list. Smart personalization. The right timing and cadence. And a sophisticated testing strategy that lets you put your marketing dollars precisely where they work best.

But at BKV, we know it’s not enough just to trot out tried-and-true tactics. To make the needle move, you have to think outside the mailbox. So, we’re not afraid to get noticed – whether that means exotic formats and thermochromic inks, or a workhorse letter package that speaks to your audience in their own language. Our clutter-cutting creative doesn’t just win awards; it wins, full stop: calls, clicks, customers. And that’s something that won’t ever go out of style.

Our direct mail marketing services include:

  • Creative strategy and execution
  • Offer development and fulfillment
  • List segmentation and database management
  • Testing strategy and cadence
  • Print production and postal regulation management