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Service Overview

Customer Relationship Management

The Science of Loyalty

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is where a prospect becomes a customer, and a customer becomes profitable.

Naturally, we know we want the customer to spend more money. But asking for an order time after time without creating a two-way relationship? Not exactly a formula for long-term success. That’s why CRM is essential. It’s the science of talking to the customer at the right time about the right thing.

Good CRM – as practiced by BKV – involves studying the customer through segmentation and analysis; engaging them through surveys, dialogues and social; informing them and becoming a resource for them via web content, call centers and the like. Only then can you think about selling them more.

Determining the right CRM strategy for your customer takes more than just professional know-how. It takes precise metrics, testing and measuring. And that’s something that, at BKV, we have down to a science.

Our CRM services include:

  • Research (VOC)
  • Analytics
  • Strategic recommendations including communication schema and testing parameters
  • Creative development
  • Data capture and databasing
  • Creative development
  • Multi-channel recommendations (typically include social, mail, email and/or call centers)