Why You Need Snapchat Filters in Your Social Media Plan

By BKV in Social Media on January 17th, 2017

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Facebook gets much of the press in the world of social media, but Snapchat has proven its ability to offer innovative features that benefit brands and users. Snapchat filters, which allow companies to brand small images or words on user photos or videos, are among the most impactful new social features available to marketers trying to connect with young audiences in 2017.

The following is a look at several reasons why you need to integrate Snapchat filters into your social media marketing plan.

Viral Branding Opportunity

There are no guarantees, but few social features reward excellent concepts and creativity more than Snapchat filters. If you deliver a clever or attention-getting design scheme that appeals to your audience's interests, you can gain rapid brand exposure.

A great filter results in a domino or snowball effect. As users post with your filter and share it with followers, those people see your brand, creating additional impressions. If they like the post, they create their own images or videos and share them. A few more iterations of this process and you have viral brand exposure at a very affordable price.

Geo-Targeting Benefits

Bloomberg recently reported that 75 percent of Snapchat's 150 million daily users are 18 to 34. Therefore, a brand is sure to connect with millennials just by choosing this social platform for message delivery.

It is only logical to fine-tune your focus through geo-filters. Get your brand in front of people in select markets where users have convenient access to your locations or products. This targeting optimizes budget efficiency.

Authenticate User-Generated Content

Increased reliance on user-generated content is another trend picking up steam in 2017. When a brand can leverage social features to drive brand conversations, its message is amplified well beyond what can be accomplished with traditional advertising.

Filters have tremendous authentic value as well. Users simply share images or videos with filters that appeal to their followers. Your role is just to provide the interesting design concept and subtly implant your brand symbol, name or message.

snapchat, snapchat filters, marketing, digital marketing agency

Affordability and Flexibility

Brands have a lot of delivery and pricing options to choose from with Snapchat filters. Geo-target areas as small as 20,000 or 30,000 square feet or as large as several million square feet. You decide how long your filter is available as well, with typical ranges of one hour to 30 days.

The amount you pay for your filter is based on the size and scope of your campaign. As an example, expect to pay less than $100 for a one-day filter covering 80,000 to 100,000 square feet. Naturally, to reach a broader area, plan a budget of a few hundred dollars or more.


Snapchat filters aren't just the cute new feature on the social marketplace. They are one of the most impactful and affordable ways to generate significant, authenticate brand exposure while engaging a millennial audience.

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