Unlock Your Brand’s Dynamic Potential with Programmatic Creative

By Amber Usmani & Azam Mughal in Direct Marketing on July 5th, 2016

programmatic creative

Programmatic creative, also known as dynamic creative, allows advertisers to serve custom-tailored banner creative to specific audiences in real-time. By customizing the creative to each unique user, advertisers can deliver hyper-relevant creative and drive higher engagement and conversion rates from their campaigns.

While there are different methodologies for producing programmatic creative, they all employ the same basic principles:

  • Pre-determine the dynamic variables within a banner
  • Set up the rules to decide what each dynamic variable should show within the creative
  • And define the user-specific triggers that inform the rules and logic

Much like programmatic media buying, programmatic creative does require some extra effort during the initial planning and implementation stages; however, once launched, proper attribution and tracking of the creative allows the advertiser to optimize “on-the-fly” towards the most successful ad variations.

Programmatic creative is best suited for advertisers who wish to magnify their display campaigns, and there are several factors that need to be considered when evaluating whether it makes sense to pursue this tactic: implementation strategy, ad serving costs, data integration, design and copywriting.

For advertisers that are testing programmatic creative for the first time, we recommend avoiding complex logic or variations. Instead, we advise our partners to start out small to allow for a simpler analysis and evaluation of which elements perform best for the campaign. From there, advertisers can continue to expand the variations and rules to cater to multiple types of consumer behaviors.

Once the first phase of programmatic creative is tested and proven successful, the opportunities for testing different creative elements are endless as they can be actively adjusted to fit new designs or executions!

Applying programmatic principles to digital display creative is a highly effective way to deliver hyper-relevant messaging to a target audience. This approach requires careful planning, creative expertise and innovative strategy—but the payoff is well worth the initial investment with several of our partners seeing more than a 2x increase in interaction and conversion rates.

Here at BKV, our agency vision is to lead when it comes to innovative, ROI-based direct and digital engagement. With our programmatic creative partners we have been able to significantly improve digital display campaign performance, and we’re raising the bar every step of the way.

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