Top 2016 Social Trends to Watch For [eMarketer Study]

By BKV in Social Media on December 4th, 2015

Top 2016 Social Trends to Watch For

eMarketer just released their 2016 predictions for social media in the US. On the top of the list are video, viewability buy buttons and messaging apps. We've recapped their top eight trends to watch for.Social Media Usage 2016


  1. Thanks to Facebook’s rapid growth as a video platform, 2016 will be the year when TV ad budgets finally move more steadily toward social.

  2. Ad blocking will start to impact social media. While properties like Facebook have been relatively immune to it in the past, the technology behind blockers will get smarter, and social media will need to be ready to respond.

  3. Influencer marketing will grow in importance as more marketers turn to celebrities, Vine artists and others for content and co-marketing opportunities.

  4. There won’t be any resolution to the viewability debate next year. Social properties and their advertisers will be key adversaries in this complicated issue.

  5. Although marketers love the idea of using social data for cross-device targeting, it will happen only incrementally and won’t be able to scale up quickly in 2016.

  6. Buy buttons are expected to remain a niche opportunity. Consumers and retailers will need time to get used to impulse buying in places like Facebook, Twitter and buttons
  7. Live streaming will gain traction with marketers and media companies, as they use this next generation of real-time marketing to attract a younger and savvier demographic.

  8. Messaging apps will be the next frontier for marketing. Snapchat’s advertising business will pick up steam, and eMarketer expects Facebook will begin monetizing Messenger and WhatsApp in 2016.

What will your social media focus be in 2016, and how are you planning to take advantage of these trends? Let us know in the comments below!