To Push a Nonprofit’s Mission, You Have to Push with Passion.

By Nicole Bendel in Creative, This I Know To Be True on June 5th, 2017

I am the proud mother of two African elephants, three baby sea otters and one silverback gorilla. I’ve donated to countless charities and probably kept the water running in a home in a third world country. I think I have a goat somewhere, too.

Hi. My name is Nic. I’m a nonprofit-o-holic and an emotional investor. And it kinda works for me.

I’m the resident nonprofit copy guru here at BKV. I like to think being an emotional investor is directly related to being good at my job. Why? Because I get so wrapped up in the mission of the charities I write for that I end up becoming the person I’m writing to. It’s an emotional rollercoaster. It’s exhausting. I love every stinking second of it.

For example, one night after working on a nonprofit that fights to end human trafficking in the U.S. I found myself reading a book they published. After a ton of manic highlighting and blubbering tears, I finished the book. My poor husband asked me, “Want to watch a movie?” I turned to him and said, ”There are 100,000 girls out there RIGHT now in a human trafficking ring. How can you watch a movie at a time like this?” Poor guy didn’t stand a chance.

This happens on every one of my nonprofit clients. I fall in love. I feel the heartbreak. I feel compelled to make a difference. The best part? I get to talk to people just like me. No, we (the donors) aren’t physically rappelling from bridges in protest; we aren’t creating a barricade to stop some environmental catastrophe or even saving the oil-coated animals from the latest arctic drilling disaster. But, we are making a difference by funding the important work of these organizations. And I know just what to say to get people to take action and donate—how to get them to “feel all the feels.” I hate myself a little for writing that last part.

I’m blessed to work for an agency that has been working vigilantly in the nonprofit world for decades. Beyond the day-to-day stuff, we get involved on a more personal level—with our own fundraisers, events, blood drives, toy collections and more. It is fulfilling, meaningful work. I’m one of the lucky ones.

So, I guess that about sums up my “This I know to be true” nugget for today. When you’re passionate about what you do, it’s personal AND it’s business. Harnessing and embracing my inner emotional investor helps me write meaningful, action-driving copy for my clients. It has also helped me adopt enough fur babies to occupy Noah’s Ark. Sorry, I’m not sorry. They need me.


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