Thinking Outside the Mailbox for Direct Mail Success

By BKV in Direct Marketing on November 22nd, 2016

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While we know that successful direct mail campaigns rely equally on the list, creative and offer, today's campaigns are amping up results by integrating data overlays to drive greater personalization, incorporating research into the process, and layering on digital tactics to extend the message through supporting channels.

The following is a look at a few critical strategies currently being utilized to maximize your results with direct mail.

The Impact of Personalization

The ability to reach more precise markets with relevant messaging is a primary reason direct mail is more powerful today than ever. To increase relevancy, start by analyzing your data to gain insights and greater understanding of the motivations and needs of the people you are targeting.

The more you understand about a consumer or business buyer's motives and needs, the more effective your message will be in encouraging that important next step. 

Segmenting Markets

Cleaning up databases and segmenting lists are vital to more precise direct mail planning and execution. Rather than sending thousands of mailers to an entire database, craft messages that appeal to the distinct interests of different buyer personas or segments within your audience. This should result not only in higher response rates, but also fewer pieces mailed as you will be cherry-picking the best prospects. 

Creative Piece Design

Numerous recent studies reported on by the Direct Marketing Association show that readership rates of direct mail is at all-time high. Better segmentation and personalization resulting in more engaging messages are key drivers of renewed reader interest.

Enhanced production techniques and digital printing also support customized messages as do the addition of video clips through NFC technology and other apps. These videos leverage the benefits of the direct mail message and allow for more engaging video stories, demonstrations and testimonials.

Creative, Message and Offer Testing

Testing can provide clear direction to identify winning creative executions and eliminate the time and expense of mailing multiple packages and waiting for the results to come in. Simple, in-market A/B testing has long been the go-to tool for testing direct mail packages. However, more sophisticated testing tools like's LaunchPad are emerging.  LaunchPad combines research with analytics to ascertain winning combinations of product attributes, offer elements and messaging, significantly reducing time-to-market, and providing actionable competitive intelligence. (As a part of, BKV can provide more information about LaunchPad.)

Synergy with Digital

Your customers and prospects who are reachable by mail are also active online. Messages delivered through direct mail can easily be reinforced online through email, retargeting, and CRM targeting. By syncing mail and digital efforts you increase the frequency and weight of your message—and amp up response and ROI!

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Direct mail is so much more than just direct mail!  Add personalization, segmentation, testing and digital strategies to develop more compelling messages, delivered through multiple channels for maximum results.

BKV is the expert partner you need to take advantage of these new opportunites in direct mail.

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