The Great Dress Debate: Georgia Tech Can Do That

By Brooke McDaniel in BKV Seal of Approval on February 27th, 2015

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When our Facebook feeds filled up with a controversially-colored dress last night, Georgia Tech settled the conversation with a little school spirit and a lot of traffic to their social channels.

There have been heated debates in our office today over what color "The Dress" is. Sure, we understand the science behind the phenomenon - our brains are figuring out what color light is reflecting off of in order to show us the "true" color of an object. This is happening constantly, so we generally don't have to think about it, which is why it seems so disconcerting for people to find out that their perception of color is wrong, or even more confusing, changing every time the dress is viewed.

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Social Media Split on Colors

The person who took the picture of the dress says it is blue and black. Celebrities are weighing in on the colors (Jimmy Fallon sees white and gold, Taylor Swift sees blue and black). At the time of writing, 70% of the 2.5 million respondents on a BuzzFeed poll say the dress is white and gold.

Georgia Tech’s Timely Social Media Post

Enter our Atlanta neighbor, Georgia Tech. Technically, the school’s colors are Old Gold and White, but football fans are familiar with a fight song that begins “Oh well it’s up with the White and Gold, Down with the Red and Black, Georgia Tech is out for a victory” (sorry, UGA fans…).  So when Georgia Tech capitalized on the debate posting this to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter last night, the impact was tremendous.

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We did some digging into how the engagements with this post stacked up against Georgia Tech’s usual traffic. At the time of writing, the Facebook post had 3,436 likes, 72 comments and 583 shares. Those numbers reflect lifts over the average engagement with Georgia Tech’s 2015 Facebook posts to date of 335%, 344% and 588% respectively.

Well done, Georgia Tech. We love to see timely posts that take advantage of trending topics.

Check out this article from AdWeek, listing a few other brands that “Wore it Best” in regards to #TheDress debate.

Georgia Tech Marketing & Agency Career Fair

Side note, we’re also looking forward to seeing students at the Georgia Tech Marketing & Agency Career Fair on Thursday, March 5th! Guaranteed interview if you’re wearing “the dress”.