The 3 B’s of Bing Image Extensions

By Margaret Davis in Media Strategy on April 26th, 2016

Bing image extensions

Bing's latest feature in paid search is something that the “other search engine” does not offer.  Bing Image Extensions offer several different layouts that allow up to five images of your choosing to show alongside your ad.  Below are the Three B’s of utilizing Bing Image Extensions as a best practice for your Bing Ads search accounts.

1. Be Bold

Your ad does not deserve to blend in with the other clutter on the search results page – set your ads apart!  Capture the attention of your target searchers with a vivid image, raise awareness of a new product or highlight a special feature of your service.  You can select up to six images to go alongside your ad, and between one and four images can show at a time. The aspect ratios of your JPGs, PNGs or GIFs must be between 1.2:1 and 16:9.

2. Bring More Business

Adding in images means taking up more real estate on the search results page on your desktop or tablet (note that these aren’t available on mobile yet). Taking up more real estate means a greater opportunity for an increase in volume - more clicks and a higher click through rate.  At BKV, we always recommend using image extensions, sitelinks, and callout extensions as a best practice in SEM for better results and a more personalized overall search experience.  Remember that your ad must be in the first position in order for your image extensions to show, but bidding more aggressively is well worth it for this added feature.  

3. Benefit Your Searcher

Most importantly, Bing Image Extensions provide an instant, clickable visual of your product or service to better meet the needs of your target audience.  Upload your pictures on the campaign or ad group level to deliver more customized results, drive more relevant and qualified clicks to your site and increase your ROI.  The name/display text allows for 35 characters max for your picture, and the optional description allows up to 100 additional characters for each of your selected images.

BKV has seen strong results with Image Extensions.  For one specific account, we ran a test and saw a statistically significant lift in conversation rates. For this test, we added the image extensions on the campaign level and pulled results for a similar date range before adding them in and after adding them.  After comparing the pre and post data, we found that our improvement in Conversion Rate was 100% statistically significant.

The new Bing Network is on the rise.  For 2016, Microsoft plans to step up their game by continuing to invest more money in building their platform across all products and search partners.  Just last week, Microsoft further proved their innovations by introducing a new logo featuring teal as their signature color. With the release of Windows 10 and the many partnerships between big names like AOL, Microsoft’s share in the search world is growing. 

According to a Bing Ads blog post by Stephen Sirich (General Manager, Marketing Microsoft Search Advertising), the Bing Network reaches 60 million unique searchers that can only be found there, AND Bing powers nearly one in three searches in the United States. And these numbers are only growing…

Bing’s release of Image Extensions truly gives them a competitive advantage over other search engines, and encourages marketers to spend more on their engine.  Stay tuned – because Bing Image Extensions are a new feature, new layouts and additional capabilities are still being tested.  In the future, they will introduce Bing Ads Editor support which will allow you to upload your assets via a bulksheet.

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