Supercharge Your Direct Marketing Efforts with an Offer Your Customers Can’t Refuse

By BKV in Direct Marketing on July 22nd, 2016

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Sometimes supercharging your direct marketing efforts is a matter of taking stock and boosting the appeal of your offers, while ensuring offers are communicated clearly to your target audience. To get the best results, you need to create an offer that's notable enough to prompt your customers to act, and then you have to make sure they know about it. Discounts and sales are the most common types of offers, but others work as well, such as bundling products into value packs, or offering free shipping and free returns.

Have you tested your previous efforts to see what type of direct marketing offers work best? If so, do what the data tells you. If not, be certain to collect demographic, sales, and advertising response data this time around so you'll be better prepared next time. Here's how to do your utmost to ensure that a special direct marketing offer generates the best results.

Always Ensure Your Direct Marketing Content Is Up to Scratch

Good creative content is the content that gets people to take action. Generally this involves communicating the offer in the headline, incorporating subheadings to briefly tell the story, and using compelling, brand-appropriate images and video. Excellent creative content can be the difference between success and failure, so don't create a special offer without ensuring you have outstanding marketing content to go along with it. Once you have your creative marketing content and have edited and polished it, let it rest a few hours, then go back to it. This time, read just the headlines, subheads, and any phrases rendered in bold type. These elements should tell your story, and if they don't your content needs more adjustment.

Tried and True Offers Are Labeled as Such for a Reason

The "classics" in terms of offers, are ones that have been made successfully for a long time. They may not be flashy, but they deliver results, and that's what counts. The B2B company, for example, may offer a white paper or case study, or a free trial for premium merchandise and services. In B2C, tried and true offers that tend to succeed include free gifts, special deals for loyal customers, trade-ins, free shipping, or other special purchase terms. Don't just make the offer without ensuring the direct marketing content surrounding it is compelling and aesthetically pleasing.

Personalize Offers

The possibilities for personalization in today's marketplace are astounding.

Personalization has been a popular buzzword for a while, but it makes sense, and didn't used to be possible on the scale it is now. Personalization is all about making your offer meaningful to the individual encountering it. They're mentally asking key questions:

  • Why is this deal special?
  • Why should I, personally care?
  • What will this product or service do for me?

You answer these questions for the customer by first, having a truly compelling offer that will pique their interest and that is clearly communicated through your direct marketing experience. The content should anticipate and address possible objections on the customer's part. Furthermore, you should put your offer in front of the right audience, which you find based on historic analytics. Targeting can be extremely precise in today's social media advertising environment. Finally, you need to make sure your target customers receive the offer at the right time: when they're most open to making a purchase, and not yet past the point of decision.

Get the Technology Right

There's simply no excuse for not having the technical capabilities your company needs to make your offer work and make your customers happy. For example, the desktop environment is increasingly coming in second place to the mobile environment, so if your purchasing process isn't mobile-friendly, you could be sabotaging your success. If you engage in social media advertising, put your offer front and center for the target audience you have identified. And throughout your offer project, collect the analytics that will tell your customers' stories clearly and allow you to produce future direct marketing content that's even more effective.

A marketing campaign that includes a special offer isn't exactly new or novel, but special offers work when they're truly special, and when they are effectively communicated to your target customers. Simply re-hashing a campaign that worked last year isn't usually adequate, because markets and customers change all the time. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter for more valuable information on supercharging your direct marketing efforts. 

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