Super Bowl Real-Time Marketing Winners and Losers

By Ashley Reed in Social Media on February 11th, 2014

Since Oreo’s famous blackout tweet during last year’s game, marketers have jumped on the real-time marketing bandwagon in full force, all hoping to score that perfectly timed, witty post. This year, there were three times as many real-time messages posted by the top 100 brands during the big game, and 29 of the top 100 brands did some kind of marketing on Twitter (compared to eight in 2013).  Competition for consumers’ attention has become fierce as more brands are trying to break through the noise.  Here’s our take on who got it right and who missed the mark.




JCPenney sent out two tweets in the second quarter that were laden with typos, leading people to believe that whoever was tweeting from their account was intoxicated.  Not only did this spur thousands of responses from consumers, but brands even joined the conversation, including Coors Light and Doritos.  Turns out it was a stunt to promote their new “Go” mittens.  Cheers, JCPenney – well played.


Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton’s tweet clearly resonated, receiving more than 57K retweets.  Although some correctly pointed out that her issue is more specifically with Fox News, the tweet clearly got her point across.


Oreo came ahead again this year by stopping while they were ahead, tweeting out the below minutes before the game.  Good move Oreo for not trying to top last year’s success.






Tide created several Vine videos in response to other brands’ Super Bowl TV spots.  But what do Budweiser and Tide really have in common?  This was a stretch in our opinion, and received a lackluster response.

Victoria's Secret


Victoria Secret also took part in the brand on brand commentary, responding to VW’s on-air spot “Wings.”  The fact that this received under 1,000 retweets tells us that consumers could care less that Victoria Secret and VW are buddying up to each other.

What did you think of the real-time marketing efforts from top during this year’s Super Bowl?  Let us know in the comments below! Want to learn more about how real-time marketing can boost your Twitter results?  Check out our previous post here.