How to Amp Up Your Recruitment Using Social Media

By Danielle Ragsdale in Social Media on January 26th, 2015

Using social media is a two way street. As often as you are searching for candidates to fill your current open positions, they are trying to determine if your company is the “right fit” for them as well. Social Media has given the job seeker insight into what your company does, what it stands for, and what the culture is like.  Here are a few tips for improving your social recruitment strategy. 

social media marketing recruiting tips

Using Social Media to Find the Right Employee  

  • Social media starts where the people are; therefore, you must tailor your message to meet your audience. Job openings must reach the people you want to hire. 
  • You’ll be more apt to find great people who are referred to you by great current employees; social media allows them to get the word out in a network untouchable by the normal means of recruiting.  Encourage your employees to use their social presences to promote current openings as well as highlight your company culture, and offer training to give your staff the tools they need to make this successful.
  • Take the “social” part of social media literally. Start with your own office, church, gym, hair dresser, etc. These people all have social networks that you can use to get your open positions out in the public.
  • Much like a marriage proposal, recruiting is giving the right opportunity, presented just the right way, to the right person, at the right time. But social media used incorrectly as more of a blasting tool instead of a surgeon’s knife will bring you thousands of would-be suitors that you’ll never marry. Consider investing in paid social which allows you to hyper-target the right audiences, effectively doing some of the pre-screening for you.

Leverage Social Data & Analytics to Improve Results

Identify where your strongest potential candidates are coming from and focus your energy there. Recently we enhanced our Applicant Tracking System by adding a Social Distribution Tool that allows posting & sharing on a variety of social platforms. This tracking system tells us how well we are doing in gaining new applicants, where they are coming from and when they are available to start.  We use this in conjunction with the "Intelligent Scheduler," a social distribution tool that offered by iCIMS that automatically publishes jobs at optimum times based on users' network activity.  This ensures our job postings have the highest visibility and reach the most prospective candidates. 

As a result of these enhancements, our profile views have increased significantly over the past few months. When and how often job postings are published has significant importance in attracting the right talent.

Why do we use social media for recruitment? Because it works!  We touch lives by recruiting people for positions that may last a lifetime, give them the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. 

Recruiting the right person for the right position? Priceless.

How are you using social to attract talent?  Let us know in the comments below!