How Dunkin’ Donuts Created a Winning Integrated Campaign

By Jamie Russo in BKV Seal of Approval on January 15th, 2014

At BKV, we pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest marketing trends and best practices. We are not above giving compliments where compliments are due, which is why we began a Seal of Approval blog series to highlight brands that are doing it right!


Dunkin’ Donuts has fully embraced social media and has found new ways to tap into their advocates to help build their brand. Dunkin' recognized that traditional marketing channels should not disappear and found the perfect way to integrate their social media and TV advertising campaigns. Dunkin’s first attempt at combining the two mediums was a huge hit!  By creating one of the first TV spots using the social platform Vine, Dunkin’ set an example for marketers everywhere. But their ingenuity didn’t stop there. In Dunkin’s recent #mydunkin campaign, they enlisted their loyal social fans to create content by sharing their experiences with the brand. By using the #mydunkin hashtag and encouraging users to participate, the company gathers content via Twitter and Facebook and transforms it into TV spots. Dunkin’ paid close attention to how users were already using these social platforms to express their brand love and ran with it. Why not let your fans be the ones to tell others about your greatness? It’s genius.

With the current buzz around the “second screen” experience, Dunkin’ is using this strategy to stay relevant and engage with consumers, all without steering away from their beloved brand image. With a reported 88% of US households owning at least one second screen device and 47% of those reporting to have engaged in second screen activities, integrating TV and social allows Dunkin’ to reach a wide audience. By doing so they are effectively engaging the Millennial generation, without completely ignoring the older generations who also love the brand.

We admire Dunkin’ Donuts’ innovation and ability to take risks in order to stay relevant. Creating integrated, cross-channel campaigns is something all marketers should be doing, although many are not leveraging insights from social media when planning campaigns or enlisting their social advocates to help tell their brand story. What are your favorite examples of integrated marketing campaigns? Let us know in the comments below!

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