Find Your Perfect PPC Partner

By Kimberly Honore in Digital Marketing on March 22nd, 2017

If you're searching for a partner agency to assist with your search marketing efforts, it's important to choose an innovative, experienced agency that can help you get the most bang for your marketing buck.

The following is a look at some of the most important qualities to look for in a top-notch SEM agency to partner with on PPC.

Significant Experience and Knowledge

Tools and capabilities of top PPC ad platforms continue to evolve. Industry giant Google, for instance, updates its AdWords campaign options and requirements on a regular basis. Therefore, you need a SEM agency that specializes in executing pay-per-click campaigns and keeps abreast of the ever-evolving changes.

Ideally, you want a PPC partner with several years of industry experience and multiple case studies illustrating thier achievements for similar clients. Examples of areas in which your partner should have expertise include target market identification, campaign budgeting, keyword management, landing page quality score, and conversion optimization. Your partner should be fluent in third party tracking and bid optimization tools as well. In addition, for retailers, your agency must be well-versed in Shopping Campaigns, as they have precedence on Mobile. Ask questions about these elements and listen closely for understanding and examples.

Proactive and Client-Focused

The primary purpose of an expert PPC partner is the campaign leadership you acquire. If an expert isn't proactive in communicating with you and focusing on your objectives, you might as well set up and run your own campaigns. Or better yet, look for a new SEM agency that offers these qualities. An agency's job is to communicate new offerings within the space as well as to find and mediate holes in the campaign before they can impact your business.

A proactive partner doesn't wait months for a failing campaign to turn around. It conducts A/B testing and monitors the success of a campaign to enact or recommend modifications when necessary. The ability to adapt PPC campaigns quickly is a major advantage of this digital advertising format. A proactive partner helps you leverage this ability.

Curious About Data and Performance

Because of their proactive, client-focused attitude, a top PPC partner is wants to see and understand the data, and is constantly evaluating performance. In PPC, critical data includes the success of your messages and understanding of marketplace reactions to them. If one ad is converting more efficiently than another, an inquisitive SEM agency wants to understand why and then continue to test new ads against it to further improve upon results.

In some cases, the low-performing ad simply isn't as compelling as the higher-performing version. Perhaps, though, the issue is poor delivery of the message or a lack of success in converting from the landing page. The curious PPC partner wants answers to these questions to make the right adjustments.

Focused on Long-Term Vision

Even with the ability to adapt quickly, long-term vision is just as important in PPC campaigns as it is in traditional advertising. You want a partner that realizes that every message you put in front of prospects impacts branding and perception. It is short-sighted to tarnish a brand image just to demonstrate efficiency in driving traffic.

Your SEM agency should show long-term concerns by asking about your company, brand and business objectives. These concerns suggest interest in aligning PPC campaigns with the long-term vision.

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These key qualities separate superior SEM agency partners from other agencies that will struggle to succeed. Most of all, a partner should have your best interests in mind and have as much concern for your campaign success as you do.

BKV takes these partner qualities seriously, and emphasizes them in our agency culture. To partner with BKV as your SEM agency, contact us now!