Best Digital Advertising Methods to Lure in Millennials

By Equana Davis in Social Media on April 15th, 2016

marketing to millennials

77 million strong, and born between 1977 and 1995, Nielsen identifies Millennials as 24% of the U.S. population.  Millennials are known for mastering virtual collaboration and are the prime target audience for e-marketers.  Advertisers who employ the best digital strategies will stand to reap the greatest rewards for the business and their brands.

Allow users to complete registration with social media profiles.

Not only does the nature of this integration make the consumer connection much easier and quicker while browsing but it also ties suitably into the demand for mobile-friendly webpages and apps that won’t make registration and site navigation a hassle. In recent years, mobile usage has undoubtedly increased and become the device of choice for product research, emails and online shopping. Meanwhile, the likelihood that consumers will complete a tedious form-based webpage during their visit has significantly dropped. Moreover the widespread implementation of the “app,” which manifested as a response to the need for simpler mobile access, makes it quite simple for brands to integrate social media profiles.

Employ a savvy team to staff your social media outlets.

Millennials respond best to brands which appear to understand their unique online communication style, and advocate for similar values. Transparency and genuine interaction are extremely important to this group.  The key is a social media manager in touch with popular culture and well-versed enough with each social platforms.

Brands should minimize the social content approval processes. 

Untimely responses have proven to be an embarrassing misstep for many brands, creating the notion that the brand is sluggish or disinterested.  The recent misstep by the restaurant chain Red Lobster is a prime example of this type of folly as they experienced widespread criticism for failing to harness a prime advertising moment when Beyoncé released a new song that amusingly mentioned their eatery. Conversely a Netflix' twitter response to a Kanye West’ album title announcement, The Life Of Pablo, was both poignant and timely. They tied it into their new show “Narcos” with such speed and ease that it left many fans wondering if in fact, the renowned musician had been referencing the Netflix show’s character in his album title.

Connecting with your consumers one-on-one delivers major gains.

Millennials take great pleasure in community involvement, group activities and opportunities to share their life experiences with others. Therefore festivals, conferences, and ground events are top occasions to get a pulse on their needs.  Renting a booth, sponsoring a local event or even hiring a fun group of individuals to canvas the area can help accomplish this task.

Amplify offline events with digital.

Online apps such as Instagram, Facebook and Periscope should also be utilized during the mixer to get the message out that your brand is present on the ground and to showoff your community engagement. Additionally, these tools can be used to allow users to RSVP their attendance while simultaneously notifying their friends and family. In fact, unique brands such as King of Pops has made great use of the Facebook Event App in the advertisement of their weekly yoga events. The online social community is able to see others who plan on attending and possibly meet up to enjoy a free and fun activity sponsored by the brand.  

Sweating the executional details is a critical component of any successful digital marketing program.  Personalization, credibility, context all weigh heavily in the fight for Millennials’ attention.

Some of these recommendations involve reorganization of processes or teams – no small task.  Here’s how to start.  Ask yourself/your team some questions…

  1. What are your brand’s goals for targeting Millennials?
  2. What are your priority social channels?
  3. What barriers to creating greater, more informative content exist at your organization?
  4. Does your staff have the hours, skills and autonomy to succeed?
  5. What tools or partners could you engage with to improve?

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