April Fools: 3 Brands that Got Us Good Before Coffee

By Brooke McDaniel in Industry News on April 1st, 2016

April Fools Three Brands that Got Us Good Before Coffee

Years of falling for pranks have hardened us into a suspicious crew that knows better than to trust anyone on April 1st. But pranks before coffee? Cruel.  Senior Account Executive Brooke McDaniel shares which brands got it right this morning.

1. Quilted Northern Rustic Weave Facebook Ad


Introducing Quilted Northern® Rustic Weave. Artisanal toilet paper inspired by a simpler time.

Posted by Quilted Northern on Friday, April 1, 2016

Wake up, roll over, catch up on group texts, scroll through apps. Quilted Northern hit me with a Facebook ad before I’d even opened both my eyes this morning, promoting Quilted Northern Rustic Weave, artisanally hand-crafted toilet paper. “Not for me,” I thought, but maybe for my cousin who does work with National Parks.

2. HuluDatr

HuluDatr April Fools Prank

When you don’t have cable, you watch last night’s talk shows instead of today’s morning shows with your breakfast. Before I could navigate to my queue to eat some granola with Jimmy Fallon, Hulu offered me a chance to find my soulmate by matching me up with someone who watches the same things I do. Not a terrible idea, frankly.

3. Monday Night Brewing

Monday Night Brewing April Fools Prank

A new way of serving beer was really what woke me up. Local brewery, Monday Night, tweeted a limited edition beer, Slap Fight, served in cans hand-dipped in hop flavored wax. Think “Makers Mark.” Think “barrier between me and my beer.” Think about if you’ve ever seen a Monday Night beer in a can? Think “even the beer might be a prank.” Do a little research, find out the beer is [thankfully] real, think “it’s 9am and I probably don’t need to be looking up beer so extensively on my work computer.”

When done right, April Fools' Day ads are a fun opportunity to connect with consumers on a different level. Around the Super Bowl, people know to look for Super Bowl ads. On April Fools' Day, they’re doing the same thing, but advertisers are spending a lot less money getting their attention.

A few words of advice if you’re thinking of planning a campaign: stay away from sensitive subjects, don’t interrupt services people rely on and enjoy a day of good-hearted laughs.

No campaigns planned for this year? No worries. BKV has more to keep you entertained today.

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