Analytics Becomes Us: BKV adds 25+ Google Analytics Qualified Individuals

By Jerelle Gainey in Analytics & Information on August 13th, 2014

At BKV, we integrate qualified analytics expertise into every offering.


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free and extremely robust web analytics tool and testing platform. Leveraging that power, making sense of the complex data, setting up tests, creating custom reports, custom variables and advanced segments can be daunting yet imperative tasks. As a result of our recently launched Google Analytics training program, BKV is one of the few full-service agencies that has integrated web analytics expertise into every aspect of the marketing we undertake for our clients.

Google Analytics Qualification Training Program Focus

  1. Learning the fundamentals of digital measurement planning which includes important foundational steps such as:

    • Understanding and documenting client business objectives
    • Aligning the client’s web strategies with their business objectives
    • Assisting our clients in developing their tactics to meet these objective

  2. Training each team member on the intricacies of configuring Google Analytics (or alternative web analytics solutions) to collect the necessary data to measure the KPIs and metrics that define success for our client’s businesses objectives. 

  3. Each team member who passed the Google Analytics training underwent a rigorous multi-week training program focusing on:

    • Leveraging web analytics to help make informed content recommendations
    • Using web analytics to inform PPC, Display, SEO and Social Media strategies
    • Measuring the effectiveness of cross-channel marketing efforts
    • Performing website optimizations
    • Developing A/B Testing scenarios and conducting experiments
    • Performing segmentation of website traffic
    • And much more to ensure the success of our client’s online presence.

How Does BKV Employees' Google Analytics Qualification Help Our Clients?

As of this writing, BKV has more than 25 Google Analytics Certified Individuals spanning our Media, Creative, Analytics and Account Services teams! Whether our clients are engaging BKV for our analytics expertise, AiMA award winning SEM, results driving SEO and Social Media or Hermes Competition Award-Worthy Creative, BKV clients have their very own web analytics expert at their fingertips!

Next Google Certification Steps for BKV

In addition to our Google Analytics Qualification Program, we have instituted a formal Google Adwords Certification program for all new members of our media team and Google Tag Manager Training for measurement and analytics team. Our Google Analytics Qualification and Google Adwords Certification programs support BKV’s commitment to the continuous development of our staff and leadership in the search management and web analytics industries.

Are You Taking Full Advantage of Analytics?

Companies can encounter challenges installing, configuring or harnessing the full power of Google Analytics. Websites go through changes all the time and things can be overlooked. Are all of your online assets being tracked correctly to give you the full details? Are you able to use the data from analytics and create actionable tactics to help generate more revenue? Are there parts of your site that you could be focusing more attention to? These questions and more can be answered by our analytics experts.

Need help with analytics? Contact the experts at BKV for a free Google Analytics Audit!