5 Social Media Best Practices

By Erin Henson in Social Media on January 31st, 2014

As social continues to evolve, the way brands leverage it should as well. Check out our 5 social media best practices to ensure you’re taking full advantage of all the opportunities social provides.


  1. Make it Social

    Sure, your fans and followers want to hear about the latest news from your brand, but they also want to interact. Be sure you’re providing that opportunity by asking questions, monitoring conversations and responding promptly. You’ll be amazed at what devoting a little time to socializing with your community can do for brand engagement.
  2. Pay Attention to the Analytics

    Too often, brands continue posting on social channels without looking into what’s working and what’s not. Use the analytics provided to you within each channel such as Facebook insights or Twitter analytics as well as free tools like FollowerWonk to see how your brand can optimize messaging; implement Google Analytics to measure social's impact on website traffic and acquisitions. From finding out what types of messaging receives the most engagement to seeing what times your followers are most active, using analytics will give you the insights needed to optimize your strategy, which will help get your brand in front of more people. And who doesn’t want more eyes on their messaging?
  3. Keep the Traffic Coming

    If utilized correctly, social media marketing can be very effective in boosting site traffic and driving leads. By incorporating links to your blog, your services pages or even another social community within your messaging, you’re providing your followers a chance to continue to learn more about your business and products. Once you start including more site links within your messaging, go back to our above piece of advice and use Google Analytics to see the uptick in traffic via social channels.
  4. Implement Real-Time Monitoring

    There are millions of people posting on social daily; brands need to be proactive and make sure they are inserting themselves into the right conversations at the right time. In a recent post “How to Use Real-Time Listening to Drive Twitter ROI” we discussed the opportunities that social provides in boosting ROI. Get a team together and make sure you’re listening to what’s going on in the social space instead of just expecting people to listen to you.
  5. Leverage Paid Opportunities

    Social continues to get trickier when it comes to making sure your message doesn’t get lost in all the noise. Studies show that only a small percentage of brands' followers actually see their posts. After optimizing your messaging, it’s important to also allocate budget for paid social opportunities. Don’t be scared by the idea of this; major social platforms now have options that make this a cost-effective tactic, including Facebook Promoted Posts and Twitter Promoted Tweets. These offerings allow messaging to be targeted to the right audience and will increase the percentage of your community that sees your messaging.
Have you implemented these best practices for your brand?  Any you'd add to this list?  Let us know in the comments below! Ready to put these tactics to work?  Get in touch with our social media team today and let's get started!