4 New Twitter Features to Watch For

By Jamie Russo in Social Media on August 6th, 2014

With Twitter launching embedded tweets last week and providing more robust insights, additional capabilities might be on the way.



Twitter has proven itself to be a useful social media tool for various types of marketers. As the platform continues to grow, they are offering more advertising possibilities for brands and new ways to engage consumers. We examined four recent experimental Twitter features and how they could potentially benefit marketers everywhere.

  1. Video Sharing

    This feature might still be in the experimental phase, but it shows promise for brands. Video sharing offers the ability for users to share a company’s video ad through the use of a hashtag. For example, by simply typing the hashtag #visa, users were given the option to include a video ad from the brand in their tweet. This allowed Visa to reach an even larger audience with help from their followers. This new feature would make it easier for advocates to share branded content, driving word-of-mouth and generating a higher reach.


  2. Buy Now Button

    You probably heard the uproar when this feature leaked last month - although it was never confirmed whether or not this will officially be released, it seems like the odds are high. The Buy Now button will offer consumers the option to shop directly from their newsfeed, making it even easier to shop impulsively.  This would obviously be huge for driving sales on Twitter.


  3. App-Install Ads

    Twitter might be jumping on the bandwagon with this specific ad feature that Facebook and Google have already been offering to advertisers. Although this feature is already available on Twitter to some extent, it is still not available on mobile web. Should it roll out completely, brands would be able to focus on specific target markets and serve them the appropriate ad (based on their device) with an app download option. This might just be Twitter’s most cost-efficient ad option yet, since advertisers don’t pay unless someone clicks on the ad. Marketers essentially have a risk-free chance to spread the word of their mobile app, increase downloads and generate revenue.


  4. Retweet with Comment

    Many marketers know that retweeting consumers is rewarding, and if you include a comment with your retweet, it’s even better. But marketers also know the struggle to fit a comment in with a retweet that may already be 140 characters long on its own. With this new potential feature, the retweeted copy would appear as a Twitter Card (an image that appears directly beneath the tweet) and wouldn’t count towards your character count. This leaves marketers plenty of space to provide a meaningful response to their consumers whether they respond for lead-generation or customer service purposes.


Although these features are all still in the experimental stage, it is important to begin thinking how your business can benefit from these new opportunities. Twitter has proven to be a useful tool for marketers and is continuing to offer exciting new innovative ways for brands to spread the word, so don’t miss out!

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