Nate Snelson

VP, Nonprofit Group Account Director


Nate Snelson
VP, Nonprofit Group Account Director
Industry Experience:
20+ years
Direct Mail


In Nate’s 20 years of developing fundraising strategies for national and international nonprofit organizations, he’s helped raise more than $200 million for his clients. He’s skilled at implementing multi-million dollar budgets—identifying the programs, initiatives and partnership opportunities that best serve the long-term strategic growth needs of his clients.

Nate’s impressive client list includes the Humane Society of the United States, Born Free USA, The Seeing Eye, Animal Legal Defense Fund, Grand Canyon Association, Yellowstone Association and more. He’s mailed everything from postcards to pens, coffee mugs to flip-flops, so he fully understands the how, when, why (and why not) of the direct mail premium game.

When he’s not running his girls around to their various sports activities, Nate can be found playing tennis, swimming, mountain biking and snowboarding.