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No matter how you measure it – sales, leads, donations, clicks – if results matter to you, you’ve come to the right place. Since 1981, we’ve built our success on a deep understanding of the discipline of direct marketing. And we’ve done so for some of the biggest brands out there. Carefully crafting campaigns that support the sensibilities of the brand and generate extraordinary results is what we do.

It’s a tangible difference in the way we approach our clients’ business. In fact, it’s a difference that’s been proven – in typical direct marketing style – in head-to-head tests with other agencies' work. If sales, leads, donations or clicks are the measure of success, BKV wins every time. All while demonstrating reverence for your brand.

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BKV has been hard at work, reeling in results for our clients. And naturally, we’re proud to be a part of their success. Here are just a few of the brands we’ve been helping to build lately.

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The Numbers

  • 6 Billion banner impressions
  • 786 Million emails deployed
  • 20.5 Million pieces of direct mail
  • 14 Million managed keywords
  • 2.83 Billion television impressions
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Visit our blog for marketing and advertising insights from our staff. We drive thought leadership in direct response, traditional & digital media, design & development, SEO, social media and anything data driven.

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